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The Law Offices of John S. Saletta P.C.

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The Saletta Law Offices excels due to its experience accumulated during considerable years of work in the area of business law. The firm knows these laws, their uses, their normal applications, and the jurisprudence of this area of law.

The law firm of John Saletta is committed to providing counseling services and legal representation in the areas of Business Law, Environmental Law, Tax Law, Estate Planning   Employment and Real Estate Law .

The Law Offices of John Saletta, PC. Located in Chicago, Illinois providing services to Fortune 500 organizations and Private Individuals and businesses.

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John Saletta at or 847-233-0020 fax 847-233-0075

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The Law Offices of John S. Saletta, P.C.
Harris Bank Bldg 7th Floor
800 E NW Highway
Palatine, IL 60074
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